Coastal Couture For Your Home

April 27th, 2015

After a long winter and a rainy, cool spring, we can’t welcome summer into our homes soon enough. Here’s how to create an on-trend coastal theme that will bring the very best of the seaside indoors, from nautical blues and seaside stripes, to ice cream sundae shades good enough to eat.

Summer Blues
Classic blue installs calm, coolness and harmony. Fresh and clean shades of scuba blue and aquamarine lend themselves effortlessly to windows featuring pretty prints and bold seaside stripes. Sail into summer with these made-to-measure Roman blinds.

Summer Blues

Under the sea – blissful bathrooms
Marine tones of aqua and lucite green are perfect for bathrooms. Give your bathroom a new seasonal look and feel by adding a bright colour to the window and updating with matching coloured towels, summery-scented soaps and other small accessories to the bathroom. Achieve the looks below with made-to-measure roller blinds or venetian blinds.

Apollo roller bathroom blue close upBATHROOM

Seaside Stripes
Exchanging heavy fabrics for breezier ones is a quick way to lighten up any room for the summer months, take down curtains and replace them with traditional British seaside deckchair and rock inspired stripes.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 14.04.28

Ice cream sundae shades that look good enough to eat will brighten your home. Tasty yet tasteful shades of strawberry ice, creamy yellows and mint green could be the final topping to a summer look at home, achieved with window blinds and coordinating accent colours.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 14.03.35

Creating nostalgic echoes of fluffy, beachside candyfloss, our sugary range of pinks are soft and quirky. Though nostalgically childish, pinks can add real depth and style to home interiors, lifting neutral and natural finishes, such as white-washed wood, as seen below with Apollo’s Rose Print and Lipstick Pink rollers. Also below our candyfloss pink kids’ roller blind, pink vertical blind and pink polka dot roller fabric.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 14.04.06

Are you inspired to make the most of summer’s lighter, fresher mood in your decorating? Come and share your thoughts with us over on Facebook and Twitter.

Trend Watch: Fifty Shades Of Grey

April 24th, 2015

Whilst we love colour in the home here at Apollo Blinds since the release of a certain movie we’ve seen the popularity of grey soar in recent months – particularly in the bedroom! So if you’re a fan of the on trend neutral shade of grey, then you are going to love this blog post.

TREND WATCH 50 shades of grey

We are not alone either, our friends over at Betta Living tell us that all the fitted bedrooms shown on their website styled with shades of grey are selling like hot cakes too.

Betta Living_Adela Bedroom_GraphiteImage: Adela Graphite Bedroom by Betta Living 

Additions of a new statement piece of furniture are great modern way to add the shade of the moment to your home. We love the curvaceous arms matched with grey fabric of this unique Cherry Ives chair.

Cherry Ives Grey ChairApollo Blinds Mr GreyWe have even seen requests for images of Christian Grey himself, aka Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan, printed via our Digiblinds service…

Waking up to Mr Grey in the bedroom, what’s not to love!

Are you inspired to add a shade or two or more of grey to your home?

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A neat new idea for bi-fold doors – New Micro INTU range

April 7th, 2015

Bi-fold and tri-fold doors are on the property wishlist for many perspective buyers and are fitted to nearly a third of all ground floor refurb projects at the rear of a house.


Their popularity is largely down to their ability to connect rooms seamlessly to outdoor living spaces and to allow light to flood into the home.

Our new range of made-to-measure blinds, deliver the final, practical touch to a bi-fold door investment.

The new INTU Micro blind offers a clean fitting solution for light control and privacy into the home. The system sits in the door frame, not the recess of the door area, so when doors are open and in a concertina format the blind is attached to the door – delivering a neat look without blinds flapping around in the wind.

Intu-grey & orange

The snug fit also reduces drafts and minimises light gaps. To raise or lower blinds simply move the bottom rail up or down. Safe by design, safety features are integral to the blinds – no free hanging looped cords

There are two colours for the INTU Micro hardware to match the most popular colour of door frames offered by the main bi-fold door manufacturers.

A selection of SIX Micro pleated fabrics compliment a room’s décor – from white through neutrals to black all with a pearlescent coating on the back to reflect as much heat and light as possible.

The INTU Micro blinds will accommodate the range of different bi-fold doors available, and prices start at £128.40 for a 600mm wide by 1,800mm drop INTU Micro blind.

Spring Flowers For Your Home

March 30th, 2015

‘Tis the season for spring flowers. With the long Easter weekend just around the corner, we invited professional Cheshire florist, Hayley Cowell from Hayley’s Flower Studio, to exclusively share her top tips to creating pretty posies with spring flowers that will last.


Image via TexasEagle

Tulips are my favourite spring flowers that look simply beautiful in a vase. An old wives tale is that if you put either lemonade or bleach in the vase where you are displaying the flowers it will prolong their life. The truth is nothing beats keeping the water clean and regularly feeding the flowers with flower food. We also cut the tulip stems an inch shorter than the vase as Tulips will always grow throughout their life span and this will ensure they will continue to look great for the maximum time span.


Image via Lorises

Iris takes its name from the Greek word for a rainbow, referring to the wide variety of flower colours found among the many species. At Hayley’s Flower Studio we use Iris in lots of our designs as they have a great colour and texture. Iris are commonly available in white with a yellow fleck or blue with a yellow fleck. If you hold the neck between your thumb and index finger and gently flick the bottom of the head with your other index finger this will encourage the flower to open.


Image via Brillianthues

Hyacinths are another spring favourite as they create a lovely smell through our flower studio. They are great to use in your living room as once inside a warm room their scent is really accentuated. Hyacinths are available in a wide variety of vibrant colours and bring colour to many special occasions. We use a lot of the white hyacinths in our spring wedding designs. Hyacinths can be bought as cut flowers, or in a bulb form which will stand the cold weather outdoors. They do have sappy stems so some people may find that this will affect their skin, wearing gloves when handling hyacinths is advisable.


Image via Vince Alongi

Daffodils are probably the most classic spring flower that can be purchased and because of their price they offer great value because they are so simple to display. Daffodils are grown from a bulb and seeds and once cut they have a hollow stem. This hollow stem contains a toxic sap and for that reason daffodils should not be kept in the vase with other plants as the sap is harmful to them. Daffodils are the flower of March and symbol of 10th wedding Anniversary. Paper whites and Sol’s both have a scent to them and can be purchased in a mix of yellow, white and orange tones.

We hope these tips bring spring flowers to your window sill and help you enjoy them for longer this Easter.

You can connect with Hayley’s Flower Studio​ in the following places:
• Website:
• Facebook: Hayley’s Flower Studio​
• Twitter:  @hflowerstudio

Top tips for children sleeping after British Summer Time clock change

March 24th, 2015

We have a guest blogger today sharing her top tips for helping children settle at night after the clocks change. Sunny, bright evenings can mean excitable children and in Amy’s case, it is sometimes only bedtime when it is dark.

Losing an hours sleep when the clocks go forward this weekend is not the most welcome idea to me, but, it does mean that the usual wake up time will be an hour later. (for one day)

The biggest bedtime issue for me and many other parents is the lighter evenings, a couple of my children believe that it isn’t bedtime until it is dark………if that is the case, it will be a very long summer.

I thought I’d share a couple of tips that have worked for me with my five children, each child is different, and my middle daughter is deaf, so helping her understand how to relax, ready for sleep with the sun still up was important.

  1. Routine – Yep, everyone goes on about it, but it is the most useful tool to help children feel confident and relaxed about bedtime. I still read a bedtime story to all mine and my eldest is ten this year, it’s a great time to get together and end the day as a family.
  2. Wind down time – As the children have got older, they have their own “wind down” time whilst in bed. This time is to read, to write, or quietly play. Hopefully this will encourage them to make their own routine to get to sleep after I have said goodnight. I set a time and when that time is up, it is light’s out.
  3. But the sun is up mummy! – Yes the sun is still up, but it is time for bed. Try to remind your children of how much they can enjoy the lighter evenings in the summer holidays, but whilst at school, they still need their sleep to grown and learn. If they are in primary school, spend a bit of time explaining why the sun stays up longer, a quick google search together and
  4. Night time comfort- The previous points were not enough for my middle daughter, she needed more reassurance to settle to sleep, the quiet of the night was scary for her and she would often wake up disorientated and upset. Nightlights are a great way to help with comfort through the night, also a favourite toy to cuddle up with, she still wakes up even at seven years old, but she is more confident to settle to sleep on her own.
  5. Blackout blinds- I use these in my younger children’s bedrooms and they certainly make a difference to the sleeping environment. They are a great investment not only for helping to set the mood for peaceful sleep but also help to reduce the very early wake ups as the sun begins to rise earlier and earlier.
  6. Early waking – One of my children was nicknamed “the rooster” due to being awake at the crack of dawn. I’d love to share a magic trick of how to avoid this scenario, but, apart from using blackout blinds as mentioned above, in my experience, my daughter hasn’t changed much as she has got older. I have managed to explain, as she has got older, that we are quiet before 7am and that does work, and she will read and play in her room. I believe that it can be explained from 4/5 years onwards. Younger children and babies often wake up early for needs such as hunger and full nappies so should not be ignored. Don’t forget some children are just natural early risers like many adults are.

I hope these have been useful and if you have any tips of your own please feel free to share. I wish you all restful nights and relaxed children……we can all dream.



Blooming marvelous spring blinds

March 19th, 2015

Spring Fresh Florals

Spring is the season to revive the home with a fresh new look and with our gorgeous range of floral blinds a Spring interior revamp has never been easier.

Bright, fresh and beautifully botanical, our stunning range of floral prints are bang-on-trend for 2015.

image003Apollo Blinds Blue FloralApollo Blinds Pink Floral Roller


Encompassing dense delicate prints, bold mossy blooms and leaf motifs, green is a key colour for 2015 and florals are the perfect way to bring the great outdoors into the home for a fresh natural look.

For more information about Apollo’s made-to-measure blinds and shutters visits


Win A Beautiful Spring Floral Bouquet

March 10th, 2015

As the clocks spring forward an hour and the evenings become lighter and longer what better way to celebrate than with a beautiful bouquet on your windowsill.

Spring Flower Giveaway

We’re giving Apollo Blinds blog readers the opportunity to win a beautiful bouquet from the Appleyard London seasonal collection. Beautiful spring colour ways, blooms and scents – the perfect way to say hello to British Summertime.

It’s easy to enter, for your chance to win, simply connect with us on our social platforms.

Competition will close at midnight on Sunday 29th March 2015. We’ll contact the lucky winner by email to organise delivery and the winner will be announced here and shared on our social platforms. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

With thanks to the following websites for listing & featuring this competition:

March into March with Spring Window Inspiration

March 5th, 2015

Bouquets can help dress any window and bring the outside indoors. Adding colour to your window can be as easy as collecting flowers from the garden and popping them into a vase. But what happens when you don’t have a vase, our spring inspiration Pinterest board should help invigorate that unused bottle or vintage jug in your kitchen cupboards.


Glass bulbs from “8 Genuis Home Decor Hacks”

Glass Bottles from

Vintage jugs from Sanna & Sania

Visit our Pinterest page for more Spring inspiration

Hello Yellow

February 26th, 2015

Daffodils are one of the first signs of spring and can add a little bit of cheer to an empty windowsill. The first of March this weekend celebrates St David’s day and in homage, Apollo Blinds say hello to yellow.

Custard Yellow is featured in the Pantone fashion report Spring 2015, described as sweet and sunny and will work well with a classic blue colour scheme, keeping nature the inspiration for the home.

Apollo Blinds Duette - Yellow

Apollo Blinds Duette - Yellow 4 ApolloBlinds Duette® in yellow

Apollo Blinds Roller Blue and Yellow Stripe Roller with Elegance headrail

Apollo Blinds roller in yellow and blue

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Keeping the wet weather out and letting the sunshine in

February 18th, 2015

With a break from the frosty weather, the inevitable showers have begun to fall, but you don’t have to dream of summer to let the sunlight in.

Our vertical blinds can fill your home with natural light but still maintain your cozy haven away from the less desirable drizzle.


With machine washable fabrics available, half term rainy day activities will be covered from a few crafting or baking accidents.

A back to school freshen up will also extend the life of your blinds and keep their appearance looking great.

Blue Verticals

Let us help natural light fill your home, whatever the weather.

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