Calico Blinds

For a natural, dressed look

Calico Blinds combine the elegant look of a traditional Roman Blinds with beautifully natural fabrics. The wooden batons across the blinds become a design feature. This gives a perfect symmetry and provides the opportunity to create a truly individual look by choosing different shades of wood to match or contrast with the fabric.

Our Highlights

  • Over 25 fabrics in our collection
  • Extensive choice of coordinating batons
  • Handmade in Britain
  • 2 Year Guarantee

Calico Blinds have long been popular in Australia, where these natural looking and lighter-weight blinds with their exposed wooden elements are in harmony with the ‘beach life’ feel, popular in summer homes and beach huts. And now with the increasing trend in wooden flooring and furniture in our homes here in the UK, Calico blinds are the perfect accessory to everyday modern living.

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