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Energy Saving BlindsEnergy Saving BlindsEnergy Saving BlindsEnergy Saving Blinds
Energy Saving BlindsEnergy Saving BlindsEnergy Saving Blinds

Stop throwing money out of the window!

Apollo's new Duette Blinds can cut heat loss and gain by 34%

A fifth (20%) of all the heat lost from a home escapes through window panes and frames, so insulating your windows is essential to conserve energy and cash. But during a recession, not all homeowners want to lay out money for double glazing, so installing energy-efficient blinds is an easy and cheap option for cutting fuel bills in the winter and air conditioning costs in the summer.

Apollo blinds - with more than 75 outlets in the UK and Ireland - has just launched its most energy-efficient product yet, the Duette® Fixé honeycomb blind.

The Duette® Fixé honeycomb blind can cut heat loss by up to 34% during the winter (on a low emission doubled glazed window with tint and even more on a single pane window) and keeps rooms cooler in the summer by reducing heat gain by the same amount.

The patented double-walled honeycomb design forms an air pocket. Air contained in the honeycomb cells is an effective insulator, keeping heat in during the winter and heat out in the summer.

Insulation values are especially high with the blackout range, which incorporates a metallised film for perfect darkening and increased insulation.

Another key advantage of the Duette blind is that it's extremely versatile, neat - there are no visible cords or cord holds, and it's extremely durable.

Apollo made-to-measure Duette blinds are available in two different ranges - 25mm Blackout and 25mm Duotone, with 14 different colours in each collection. All have a white reverse to provide a uniform look from the outside. Extremely versatile, they can be fitted to any window or door and are ideal for conservatories and skylight windows.

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