“Make Blinds Child Safe”


At the moment the European Standard EN13120 stipulates what is required by manufacturers of new blinds, and Apollo Blinds is fully compliant with all of these safety regulations. All Apollo blinds are supplied with child safety products, ensuring our blinds can be operated safely. Warning signs are also attached to all blinds fitted in the home that have to be removed by customer. There are a number of new safety solutions that can be fitted to blinds being installed.

But our awareness campaign “Make Blinds Child Safe” is about going further than making new blinds safe, we’re also concerned about the estimated 100 million blinds already fitted in UK homes that might present a risk to infants.

We want people who live in houses where children visit to review their blind cords and take simple steps to make them safe by fitting a “P Clip” or a “safety cord cleat” retrospectively.

Please go into your local Apollo store and make your existing blinds safe; for the duration of Child Safety Week they will give you either a “P Clip” or a “safety cord cleat” for free, subject to stocks.

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