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Plantation Bass Wood white shutters

Plantation- Shutters…. What a sensation they have turned out to be, I must admit when they first came onto the UK market i dismissed them… I thought no one will be interested in this type of window covering, or at least not many. Well i got that wrong. Mind you not the first time i have got it wrong. I thought the same 20 years ago when roman blinds where introduced, pushing out the Austrian and  Festoon blinds “remember them?”.

But wooden slatted doors across your windows or patio doors is a big leap in window coverings. They are not suitable for some windows eg. tilt and turn pivot windows. However the windows that can have them transforms a room into a luxury palace.. “If the Queen has them why can’t we!”.

Plantation-shutters are asked for everyday in my shop, and because of this i have ordered four new displays. Hopefully the displays will help customers make their choice a little easier. White is the most popular choice, as is the bass wood, however there is a vast amount of  colours to choose and different woods.

I believe that Plantation-shutters will become the choice to replace where people had or thought of having a wooden venetian blind. Just like the Roman blinds had done to the festoon and Austrian blinds. If you are thinking of buying shutters then come check us out.. “You will be amazed at what we can do!”… Sorry i stole that from Kwik- Fit… Our slogan is  “Inspiring Ideas, Expertly Delivered!”. Well that’s my little blog over, if it was helpful let me know, i love to learn from your comments.

Plantation Bass Wooden Shutters

Plantation Bass Wood Shutters

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