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“Ceramic Past”

Friday, August 6th, 2010


I will begin with what was a blast from the past, Today Friday 6th August i was busy with my sales and fitting calls. I arrived at Mrs Lang from Hamilton to fit vertical blinds to her living and dining room windows. As i was unpacking the blinds Mrs Lang mentioned seeing my editorial that’s featured in the Life-In magazine. She asked me about my ceramic pottery background. I could  she was keen for me to reveal my interesting past. I was more than happy to have a chin wag as i could tell Mrs Lang admires handcrafted art and was fascinated when i told her i was a time served hand throwing potter. I told Mrs Lang i left school in 1979 and started my trade at Bowling pottery near Dumbarton. It was when talking about the pieces that i used to throw, she opened a cupboard and took out a jug. It was her treasured pot and she was wondering  if it could be repaired as the handle was cracked. I couldn’t believe what i was seeing. I asked to look at the bottom of the jug, and there it was. My personal stamp, i put on in1981. I was holding a jug i personally made nearly thirty years ago. My happy customer was delighted to have history attached to her beloved pot.


I would like to welcome Ann Corrie who started with us at the beginning of the week. Ann has previous experience in the window blinds trade and  is a professional seamstress. Her knowledge of soft furnishings will be valuable to our expanding growth in that area. Ann is keen to learn about the vast amount of products we sell at our shop, and is looking forward to getting to know everyone in our network. Ann is one of our fans on facebook and when the job was advertised she sent her CV to us. Ann is delighted to be part of the Apollo Brand.

Having a short break..

I’m taking a short break next week .Spending sometime with my family, However i will be updating my twitter and my personal facebook. If you are interested in the exploits of an Apollo Blinds Franchisee’ “BFA finalist!”. Your are welcome to join me there.

Hand thrown jug from my own hands back in 1981

Hand thrown jug from my own hands back in 1981