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Conservatory pleated roof blinds

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Conservatories there either to hot or to cold, a  room that can be unused most of the year. heating them up costs a fortune in the winter, and keeping them cool in the summer.. well if you have one you will know, almost impossible. Unless you have a north facing one or shaded by trees, building ect ect..

So why suffer when there are solutions for this problem. The clever blinds to use is pleated blinds for your roof, not only do  they add a new versatility to your conservatory or garden room. They shade you in the summer and give you warmth in the winter, taking you from day to night. With the perfect combination of style and practicality, they have the ability to transform the look of your conservatory both inside and out.

Pleated roof blinds are a big investment but one that’s going to give you a room that can be enjoyed all year round, also saving you money on heating bills. There are plenty of company’s selling them, but is there bad pleated blinds?… The answer is yes. Good quality pleated blinds will have Teflon coated steel wires for smooth operation, loop cord to ensure the blind has equal pleats and retains its shape, head and bottom rails made of extruded aluminium. Solar reflective fabrics if you want to  keep your conservatory cool.

Measuring and fitting conservatory shape roofs is complicated and requires high standards of training. Its a skill and is mastered only with years of experience. If you are thinking of buying conservatory roof blinds, make sure the  company has liability insurance, as an accident can cost hundreds if not thousands to put right, also that they are a member of the British blinds and shutter association (BBSA).

If you are thinking of buying blinds for your conservatory roof  i hope this blog has been of some use to you.

Shaped Pleated blinds fitted by Apollo Blinds Hamilton
Shaped Pleated blinds fitted by Apollo Blinds Hamilton
Conservatory roof fitted with pleated blinds by Apollo Blinds Hamilton
Conservatory roof fitted with pleated blinds by Apollo Blinds Hamilton

Apollo Blinds Hamilton almost won

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Apollo Blinds Hamilton where runners up in business of the week (UK) just beaten by Apollo Blinds Chatham. I was determined to get a first place before June 14th 2010 as that marks the end of my first three years with Apollo blinds.
But still i see this as a fantastic result and i have put Apollo Blinds Hamilton in a strong position.
As a specialist in Conservatory roof Blinds, Plantation Shutters and Awnings which has help my business grow i can only see a bright and prosperous future and getting that top slot is only a matter of time.