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Apollo Blinds was a smart move

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Moving to apollo Blinds for me was the smartest and bravest thing i have done in my life considering what i moved from. I was a sales agent with Hillary’s blinds for nearly 17 years working from my home, as Hillary’s have no high street presence (shops) my customers had to choose from a bag of samples and had nothing to compare with the competition. The quality was never a match for Apollo Blinds who at that time as now where offering a two years garantee on all there products, I often felt let down on customer service issues and quality, but always managed to keep my customers or should i say Hillary’s customers with a lot of work happy.
So three years ago i made the move i bought the hamilton franchise now i have the quality, excellent customer service, fabulous massive range of products and most importantly a shop for customers to see,touch the range before they buy. And they are my customers so they are more special to me.
I’m very proud to be an Apollo franchise and i will be doing this until retirement I work Apollo, Live Apollo, Love Apollo. Does anyone else feel that way about there business or work if so leave your comments here would love to read them.