This week the Daily Mirror launched a child safety campaign to highlight the problem of unsecured window blinds cords and Apollo Blinds is right behind it.

It’s an issue we have been banging the drum about over the last couple of years and it’s long overdue that a national newspaper has started such a campaign.

The red top tabloid is giving away 60,000 Make It Safe packs which contain leaflets and free safety devices.

Alan Snowball - child safety1

Free safety devices (as demonstrated by Alan from Apollo Blinds Borders) are also available through the Apollo Blinds network and our teams across the UK can also provide expert advice on child safety issues and how to help people make their homes safe. Click the link to find your nearest Apollo Blinds.

We spoke to the Daily Mirror and praised them for their stance and asked them to continue driving the message home about safety to their readers. We pointed out that all Apollo products come with safety devices as standard but there remain lots of homes where the cords from window blinds still hang freely and this is a potential hazard – particularly for toddlers and young children.

Join Apollo Blinds and the Daily Mirror in taking simple steps to Make it Safe for any window blind.

“Do Apollo Blinds franchise owners work together and support each other?” This is one of the most common FAQs asked of us by people thinking of becoming part of our network when they attend our Discovery Days.

The answer is a big fat yes.

We have a bag full of examples of our franchise owners collaborating, passing each other business and keeping in constant touch with one another on a daily basis.

Only this week George Stewart (pictured picking up his recent awards from Apollo Blinds Hamilton spent six hours working with Liz Ritchie from Apollo Blinds Bishopbriggs showing her how to use social media to market her business.

George Stewart - Finalist (Stage)

The same day Liz @apollobbriggs began tweeting to George @ApolloHamilton and the rest of the world. And she’s not looked back since, tweeting about all sorts of things including posting pictures of her lovely new van. George and Liz also have a great banter with lots of other franchise owners on Facebook as well.

So when we are asked if our franchise owners get on well, we also say get online and see for yourself.

This week our newest franchise owner has had all his expectations realised as to why he joined Apollo Blinds rather than setting up his own independent blinds company.

Neil Redpath, who owns Apollo Blinds Lancaster, has only been trading a couple of weeks but he’s been racking up the orders – even in the face of stiff competition – and it’s all because of one simple thing.

Neil Redpath Apollo Blinds Lancaster

He is using our customer care pack as the vanguard of his sales strategy and it’s the first thing he shows every customers. The pack covers the guarantee on all our products, advice on how to maintain our blinds and details of all the safety features available – which are of particular interest in homes where children play or visit.

And simply by showing them the pack first, Neil is securing orders because customers are so impressed with the level of professionalism of his franchise company in comparison to local independent companies and they want the peace of mind that only a brand like Apollo Blinds can offer.

It’s such a simple but powerful example of why Apollo blinds stands out from the crowd.

It’s a lot easier to make a good living if you are selling the best products available. It also helps if you are representing one of the most high profile brands in its sector.

All of our Apollo Blinds franchise owners who attended the launch of our stunning collections know just what that means. They were the first people in the UK to see our stunning new Roller and Verticals collections and every last one of them loved them. We’re also basking in the glory of all the great comments from independent commentators who have described the collection as the most exciting, vibrant and contemporary they have ever seen.

In the week since the launch, sales have really taken off. And, as a result, we at Apollo Blinds are more optimistic about 2011 than most other businesses we know.

Which is why we have a very special Discovery Day lined up for 26th October because there’s never been a better time for people to join the Apollo network and sell the best blinds in the UK.

Find out more about our Discovery Day and then give our Recruitment Manager, Steve Ryan, a call on 07971 675647 to book your place.

And when you do, Steve will tell you about an incredible offer we have for anyone who can begin training prior to Christmas and be ready to start building their business from 1st January 2011.

Say hello to our new collections…

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