This week Apollo’s blinds were featured in the Daily Express’s Hot Hints section.

In a typically festive feature the newspaper had a collection of ‘must have’ home interior items for this Christmas and our energy saving Duette blinds got a lovely plug (BTW for silly legal reasons we can’t show you the actual article).

In the feature it explained that:

“A fifth of all heat lost from homes escapes through window panes and frames. Apollo Blinds’ energy-efficient Duette Fixe blinds help cut heat loss during winter with their patented air pocket honeycomb texture. Or for even better insulation values, try the blackout range using a metallised film. Blinds can be fitted to any size of window or door and come in a choice of 14 colours. All are made to measure.”

As you can imagine everyone at Apollo HQ was delighted with the coverage and the fact the Express mentioned our website address as well so readers could go and get more information on energy saving blinds.

The only fly in the ointment was that they didn’t use the right picture but we’re not going to look a gift horse in the mouth as all publicity is good publicity. So here’s a picture anyway.

Duette dining

So the combination of millions of people seeing the Daily Express feature and plummeting temperatures this weekend will hopefully see our team of experts around the UK taking a flurry of enquiries for our blinds that keep the warmth in.

Our newest franchise owner got a taste of what it must be like for the stars of the TV show Dragons’ Den this week.


Paul T, who is planning to launch a new business in West Yorkshire in the New Year, invited all the main local advertisers to come in and meet him at our head office in Liversedge. Paul, along with our communications manager Paul Kirby, listened to pitches of the different representatives from local radio, newspapers and other media to find out how they could help him promote his new business.

As you can imagine each advertiser had compelling reasons why he should spend the lion’s share of his launch budget advertising with them. They were all focused on helping raise the profile of Paul’s new business and get the phones ringing with new customers wanting to make appointments to see his new collections of window blinds, awnings and shutters.

Paul is a lovely chap so he isn’t as bullish as Dragons such as Duncan Bannatyne so he didn’t utter those famous words ‘I’m in’ or ‘I’m out’ on the spot. Instead he has sensibly opted to study each proposal in more detail over the next week or so. And, with guidance from the Apollo team, a plan will be drawn up which is right for him, his business and his franchise area.

Apollo Blinds franchise owner John Youle is gearing up for some van-tastic publicity to promote his business on the Isle of Wight.

John’s business is booming and son Ben has joined the family firm – which meant they needed two new vans. So when the local dealership asked if they could publicise Apollo’s new acquisitions John didn’t have to be asked twice.

John and Ben posed for photos collecting their new vehicles and the PR team at the dealership will now pass them onto local newspapers. The expected free publicity should be great news for both Apollo Blinds and the dealership.

Apollo Blinds Isle of Wight

But the good news doesn’t stop there as there are two distinctive Apollo Blinds vans driving around the Isle of Wight so it’s double the opportunity for people to see them.

John is clearly taking a leaf out of the book of other great marketers in the Apollo Blinds network such as George Stewart who doesn’t miss a trick when it comes to publicising his business in Hamilton, Scotland.