First things first, Happy New Year.

For most people the return to work after the Christmas break is a miserable time of year – but not for some lucky so-and-sos at Apollo Blinds.

The winners of our holiday sales promotion have just been announced and a group of our star franchise owners are already planning to jet off destinations including around the world including Paris, New York and Dubai.

We had seven winners in all and one super sales team won two holidays – Dubai and New York.

We had sales leagues for each product range so the top seller in the UK would, where possible, win an appropriate holiday. The person who topped the sales league for Venetian blinds has won a trip to Venice. And so on.

The holiday competition has been a roaring success in galvanising our network of individual franchise owners across the UK. It has stimulated the camaraderie and stoked the friendly rivalry to outdo each other and bask in the glory of being super salespeople.

It’s also one of the key reasons which has helped Apollo Blinds to maintain buoyant sales in 2010. And now some of our sales superstars can plan their well-earned holidays and recharge their batteries ahead of what we expect to be an equally busy 2011.

Well done to all our winners.