Brighten up the home for Spring with these revitalising window updates from Apollo Blinds.

Let in Light with Twilight blinds…

When the sun appears after a long, cold winter it’s time to make the most of natural light within the home. Yet there’s still a need for privacy – especially for those who live in built up areas.

Twilight blinds from Apollo Blinds offer the best of both worlds.  Alternating stripes of sheer and solid fabric protect from prying eyes while still allowing light to flood into a room.  The fabric can be lined up as a full block of colour for a fully closed position and they can be pulled right up out of the way as well – just like normal roller blinds.

Perfect fit

Be Bold with Spring’s Brightest Colourways….

It’s easy to work with bright colour at the windows as they’re already a focal point within the room – bright blinds will simply enhance this. Inject a pop of colour at windows in gorgeous new colours for Spring which look stunning as the light shines through.

Freshen Up with Florals…

Refresh pared-back, minimalist rooms with a floral flourish at the windows. And those who’ve fallen for a floral fabric that’s not in one of Apollo Blinds’ extensive collections will be happy to learn that ANY material can made into stunning roller and Roman blinds via the Apollo Blinds You Choose blind-making service.