There has been one room or space in the house that has been a key area of focus in the last few months – the home office or working from home area.

Whether it’s giving a home working space a mini makeover or a complete overhaul, there are lots of lovely new ideas on how to create a happy and healthy home office.

Here are our 6 favourite ideas for styling a home office. 

Make the most of natural daylight

Find a space that has lots of natural daylight, which will help to keep you alert, focused and give you a boost of Vitamin D, but don’t forget a practical office blind to provide shade from the sun’s glare, particularly if your room is south facing. Venetian blinds look fantastic in home office spaces.

For larger windows, top down bottom up blinds (shown here with Duette®blinds) work exceptionally well in providing flexible shading throughout the day without losing the view or natural sunlight.

Look after your posture with a comfortable chair

Ergonomic office chairs are probably the best support for your back and neck, but they are not particularly ‘stylish’ in a home setting. Chic round shapes work well to juxtaposition the edges of a rectangular office desk. 

Stash paperwork away with stylish storage

While many of us attempt to operate paperless offices it’s not always possible to just have a few office items on show, so storage is important. Under desk drawers can look neat and are a great way to hide paperwork and files and a taller unit can be used to display more interesting items and accessories.    

Accessorise your space with lots of greenery

Terrariums bring a touch of nature into your home or office environment, in the most stylish way possible. There is also research which suggests that succulents can remove many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air. When the plants emit water vapour, they also pull contaminated air down to the roots of the plant, turning it to plant food and subsequently purifying the air in your home.

Make work walls wonder walls with artwork

Adding artwork into your workspace will draw the eye and adds a personal touch to your area. It can be a way to introduce a colour scheme within the area or just something to inspire you when you’re taking a break from staring at a screen.

Soften the area with a rug

Adding a shaggy or faux fur rug to a workspace creates added warmth and texture. Alternatively add a rug to help to ‘zone’ the area.

More inspiration on home office ideas

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