A big benefit of fitting window blinds in your home is the flexibility they provide in terms of light control. This can be enhanced further with different types of operating systems; our design team has the lowdown on the various options available from Apollo Blinds …

As well as choosing different types of blinds for their look and style, how they block out light and shade a room is another key consideration. 

Venetian and Vertical blinds, and shutters, have slats and veins that can easily be tilted to alter the amount of light entering a room. A similar effect is achieved with Twilight blinds that have an alternating solid and sheer panel which can be aligned in different ways. 

Pleated, Roller, Roman and Duette® blinds all feature a solid panel of fabric that can be moved up and down. But did you know that these can be fitted with different operating systems to provide additional options for how they shade the room?

Bottom Up Top Down (Multi-zone)  

Multi-zone or ‘Top Down, Bottom Up’ operation is exactly that – giving you the ability to move the blinds from the top down, bottom up or anywhere in between. Light control can be adjusted to exactly where it’s needed as sunlight changes throughout the day. This also maintains a clear view out of the window if desired. 

The fitting system works with Pleated and Duette® blinds.


More and more customers are adding the benefit of operating their new blinds at the touch of a button.

A motor can be added from as little as £99 and they can also be linked to home automation and voice control systems like Google Home and Alexa, alongside a mobile app.

The adjustable rise speeds and stop positions mean that they are incredibly easy to operate. Motorised blinds are ideal for rooms with multiple blinds as the remote can raise and lower as many blinds as you require at the same time. Or if you can’t reach your blinds to operate them or have hard-to-reach roof windows adding remote operation is perfect.

Sun and timing sensors can be added which can be an added bonus when you’re away from home. This can also help to protect furniture from fading from extreme sunlight.


Many of our systems have been specially designed for tilt-and-turn windows, folding/sliding doors and conservatories. They fit perfectly into the frames of your windows or doors without making holes in the frames for a neat and stylish finish.

Apollo’s Intu system is a great solution for neat fitting blinds. They are bead-fit so click into to the top of the window frame itself. You can raise or lower the bottom bar to the position you want the blind at. These are ideal for tilt-and-turn windows and conservatories.

Intu® Micro has been specially developed for bi-fold doors – ideal for summer when you want to fling the doors open but don’t want blinds or curtains flapping around.  

The top and bottom bar come in a variety of colours (white, anthracite and brown) to compliment the window or finish of door in your home.

They’re also classed as child safe by design as they have no chains or dangling cords.

Perfect Fit

Similar to the Intu® system, Perfect Fit blinds are encased in a screw free fitting frame, positioned in the beading of the glass and provide a sleek option. With the Perfect Fit solution you can even remove the whole blind to clean the windows.

We offer a range of frame colours, including white, brown, anthracite, golden oak, mahogany and silver, to ensure that they blend perfectly with your windows, and Perfect Fit can be used with Roller, Twilight, Venetian, Pleated and Duette® blinds. Blinds are tensioned for easy operation.

Our Apollo designers around the UK can demonstrate each system and talk through the benefits during an in-home consultation and we install all of our blinds so you can be sure they will fit and operate perfectly. And once your blinds have been installed, a member of our installation team will spend time with you making sure that you understand the full operation of your new made-to-measure blinds, pointing out any key operational features. For example, with motorised blinds, they will show you how to adjust any settings or connect your blinds to your smart speaker.

You can find your local Apollo here: https://www.apollo-blinds.co.uk/find-your-apollo/