Get The Look In Dulux’s New Colour Of Year – Brave Ground

Dulux has announced its Colour Of The Year 2021, which is always an interesting gauge for how we might be styling our homes in the coming year. For 2021 they’ve chosen a reassuring earthy beige called Brave Ground, a neutral brown shade. They say: (it’s) “a bolstering shade that connects back to nature and the simple things. A warm, earthy tone, it creates a feeling of stability, growth and potential; and provides a firm foundation for change and creativity in your home.”

The paint brand has also given some ideas on different colour palettes that this hue can be styled with, which they suggest as:

  • expressive colours – warm pinks and rusts
  • trust and timeless colours – browns and slightly greener greys
  • earth colours – greens and blues

Of course, with the vast array of colours we offer here at Apollo for choosing your blinds (almost every colour imaginable!), we can provide blinds and curtains in virtually the exact colour they’re dubbing as ‘the one we’ll be adopting in 2021’. We can also offer advice on colours of window blinds that will look fantastic to co-ordinate with Dulux’s Brave Ground on the walls. Our local experts, who will bring our sample books into your home during an in-home consultation, can talk you through the options.

In the meantime, we’ve selected a selection of blinds in colours similar to Dulux’s Brave Ground to show you how great this colour can look when applied as a window dressing. 

This is a Duette blind featuring the multi-zone operating system we offer. While looking fantastic – especially teamed with a gorgeous green rug and white furniture – the benefits of a Duette blind are they keep more heat in a room than a standard blind during the winter months (reducing your heating bills!) and offer exceptional climate control in the summer.
This dining area features one of our made-to-measure roller blinds where we also show how well a deep indigo blue works with a Brave Ground colour-inspired shade.
If your bathroom is in need of a 2020-21 update then a window blind can be the way to add an on-trend colour theme to a room. Team it with matching towels and it’s bang up to date!
We’ve long been an advocate of warming neutral shades at windows, which we think work so well with natural woods and raw surfaces like brick. These are Duette blinds which deliver a practical and aesthetically pleasing look for rooms with large expanses of glass.
Twilight blinds have alternating stripes of sheer and solid fabric, so the blinds can be easily moved from a stripe effect – where gentle light is allowed into the room – to a full block of colour when all of the solid fabric stripes align. They’re a hugely popular choice with Apollo customers – it’s easy to see why!
And finally for the bedroom; so while ‘grey’ has dominated the on-trend look for homes for a while now, especially for bedrooms, we think our roller blinds and room ideas here show how warming and cosy this new Colour Of The Year can look to create a relaxing space for sleep.

If you’re feeling inspired and fancy updating your décor then the warmth of this neutral beige is maybe just what you’re looking for to create a happy and calming home. You can find more inspiration here or visit our find your Local Apollo page to get in touch.

We’ve also got a Pinterest board packed with pictures to inspire you here