This year’s colour of the year predictions from Pantone, Dulux, Crown and Graham and Brown are in and, with an unprecedented 12 months behind us, it’s not surprising that the results are eclectic.

From practical greys and aspirational yellows to earthy beiges, regal purples and uplifting brights – whilst 2021’s colour trend predictions are diverse, they offer a wide range of inspiration.

Here, our experts share heaps of window dressing ideas and top tips for using the colours of the year to inject a splash of colour energy into your interiors.


This year is only the second time in Pantone’s history – after two decades of colour trend predictions – that it has opted for two Colours of the Year, instead of one. Pantone has paired ‘Illuminating’ – a yellow expressing hope and happiness with the practical and solid ‘Ultimate Gray’ to create a 2021 predication which shows how ‘different elements can come together to support each one other’.

Grey and yellow is a match made in heaven. Whilst this colour prediction is not ground-breaking, it’s a trend that you can easily get on board with (if you haven’t already!). Injecting pops of yellow as window dressings is a great way of creating light and sunshine in rooms.


Whilst Dulux has also focused on communicating a message of strength via its Colour of the Year selection, this year the leading paint brand has opted for a “reassuring” earthy beige hue called Brave Ground.

The ‘new neutrals’ – think beige, caramel, blush pink, rich cream and all the earthy tones in between – are set to be popular in homes in 2021. The beauty of Brave Ground is that you can easily visualise how to use this colour in your living spaces without the need to completely re-decorate. Whether it’s through window dressing, a statement wall or via art and home accessories, this colour is all about comfort and reassurance which a lot of people are looking to in their home interior choices.


Crown has curated three new colour palettes which provide a much brighter, vibrant and uplifting outlook than Pantone and Dulux. The new palettes – Witty, Foresight and Cocoon – have been inspired by a hopeful mix of influences including Bauhaus and the New London Fabulous Movement.

Both Witty and Foresight feature bright, cheerful and uplifting shades which focus on optimism, positivity and celebrating creativity and diversity. Witty embodies the 80’s with a bright and cheerful vibe, combining pastels with brights and unexpected colour combinations, whilst Foresight looks to primary colours and block shapes to allow homeowners to showcase their creativity in the home.

In contrast, Cocoon offers a palette of soft neutral tones which have a restful, calming effect and look to nature for inspiration.

Crown is challenging people to step outside their comfort zone in 2021 and there is a lot to be said about the bold and lively colour schemes that is has selected. Neutrals have their place but so do block, bright colours and you can easily and cost-effectively change the whole vibe of a room. With hundreds of colour options to choose from – just think, how could a vibrant, bright blind change the look of your room? Instead of being there to fade into the background, we love how this is urging homeowners to consider how a blind or curtain can use a pop of colour to uplift.

Graham & Brown

Proud, regal and luxurious, Graham and Brown has selected Epoch as its must-have colour of 2021. Both calming and cocooning, this directional shade of plum “echoes a wider interiors trend which looks to create restful spaces for healthier, happier homes.”

Plum works really well as an accent colour. A versatile shade – it can be both high impact and subtle, making it the perfect option for blinds or curtains and proving you can go bold in a classy and luxurious way.

We hope you’re feeling inspired.

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