Loft rooms can add huge value to a property and more and more new build homes now feature loft rooms to maximise the overall space.

But when it comes to decorating a loft room, working around the eaves, unusual spaces and skylights can seem like a daunting task. In fact, all it takes is a few interior design tricks and a little bit of know how to turn your loft space into the most coveted room in the house.

Our team of experts, who can come into your home to advise on the best blinds for loft conversions, have rounded up their top tips, favourite looks and other ideas for furnishing a loft room.

Let’s start with blinds!

Skylight windows are one of the most popular ways of adding light and fresh air into a loft room and will require a specialist rooflight blind to fit the window. However these are extremely easy to fit and with a wide range of colour options and finishes, they can help to create the perfect finishing touch to a loft room design scheme. These blinds are also designed to offer a completely blacked out finish, with no light leakage, whilst the protective case on the back of the top cassette unit has the added benefit of preventing the fabric from fading.

When choosing your blind it is also important to think about how much sunlight your loft room gets and at what time of day the sun hits your windows. You may want to install a top down, bottom up blind which can be operated from the top or bottom over the window, giving you complete control of the light.

For loft rooms where you want to add in an element of climate control a Duette blind could be the ideal solution. This is especially the case where you have large, statement windows which need a bespoke finish and where heat could easily escape in the winter and create a greenhouse effect in the summer.

And as for other furnishings for loft rooms ….

Wardrobes and storage

Loft rooms can leave you with unusual spaces that may not easily fit larger pieces of furniture such as wardrobes and drawers. The best solution to ensure that you maximise every inch of space is to invest in fitted furniture. This will mean that you can design a bespoke storage solution for your specific needs. Many people may want to use loft storage for duvets, pillows, suitcases or even skis and winter clothing – so you may opt to design in storage especially for your individual needs.

If you have a dedicated loft dressing room then you can even leave the storage open to create a cool and contemporary loft space effect. Some clever colour co-ordinating and thoughtful finishing touches can add to the overall finish of the room (as long as you’re good and folding your clothes neatly!)


Low futon style beds which sit close to the floor and help to create an illusion of space look great in loft conversions. Remember – to choose a bed that is right for the space, rather than trying to cram in a bed which will limit your options for other furniture and ease of moving around the room. A queen or three-quarter sized bed is a great option, especially for a teenager’s room or if you’re using your loft as a guest room or occasional sleeping space.


Once you have your bed and storage sorted, assess what else you can fit into the room. Comfy chairs, rugs, lamps and plants can all add to your design scheme and make the room homely and cosy. Just keep in mind the space that you have available and look out for smaller, more compact pieces to avoid creating an overcrowded space. Use Pinterest for design inspiration and to help you build a design scheme that is stylish and practical at the same time.


When it comes to colour schemes, many homeowners opt for bright whites and neutrals to create an illusion of space. This doesn’t have to be the case – a feature wall, exposed brickwork, bright or bold colour scheme can all work in a loft conversion, creating a standout and stylish room. Grey continues to be a popular colour trend, as does the new neutrals – beige, pinks, greens and browny pinks.

Image Credit – Dulux

Or if you’re feeling bold, why not create a feature wall with botanical or tropical print wallpaper.

We hope you’re feeling inspired.

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