Five reasons to choose Blind Screen to dress your windows

In today’s homes, curtains and blinds are so much more than a decorative finishing touch. Innovations in technology and design mean that they can help to reduce energy bills, regulate the temperatures of our property and give us even more control over light and shade than ever before.

One of the newest innovations in window coverings now available from Apollo Blinds is our Blind Screen product. They offer the ultimate all-in-one blind with multiple options.

These uber modern made-to-measure blinds can add an instant style update to any room – with some impressive functionality thrown in.

Here’s our top reasons why you should consider a Blind Screen for your home:

They are extremely versatile

Thanks to their minimal design, Blind Screens can be used in any room in your home. From smaller bedroom windows through to bi-fold patio doors and large glazed areas. A variety of colours are also available. What is more, they are crafted using the highest quality materials meaning that you can rest assured they will perform for years to come.

The Breeze In Insect Screen range comes in white, grey or black.

The Light Seal range comes in white, beige, light grey and dark grey.

The Scene Set range is available in white, beige, light grey and dark grey (plus black for wider blinds).

They’re great for keep bugs at bay

Are you forever battling bugs coming into your home? Blind Screen’s insect screen option provides a barrier to keep those bugs at bay. Ideal for patio and bi-fold doors, you can keep your doors wide open in the summer months safe in the knowledge that pesky flies and wasps will be kept outside.

A blackout fabric option is available with Blind Screen 

Because of their sleek, made to measure properties and an enhanced blackout fabric option, these blinds will give you the ultimate blackout – perfect for bedrooms. Our Blind Screens have a small movable handle, and they glide across their hidden tracks with ease.

Blind Screens offer a modern twist on traditional blinds

If you love sleek, crisp lines and an ultra contemporary finish then Blind Screens are perfect for you. A slimline design that will fit seamlessly into any window, these blinds offer the ultimate in modern styling. They are unfussy and streamlined, providing the perfect backdrop for a contemporary home.

Keep the cold out and warmth in 

Benefitting from the latest cutting edge technology, Blind Screens’ structure mean that they will effectively keep heat within your home during the winter months. With energy prices still riding high, effective insulation at your windows can help to reduce energy costs associated with heating your home. They will also help to keep your home cooler during the summer months. The material used to construct the blinds also has unique memory properties meaning that it springs back into shape after every use.

To find out more about Blind Screens or to book a free consultation, head to our dedicated product page.