Best Blinds for 2024

Never has there been more choice when it comes to blinds for your home. From cutting edge technology, seemingly endless colour and pattern options, to products with superior energy saving qualities; blinds are more than a decorative feature. They can play a significant role in creating a warm, welcoming and wellbeing-inspired home environment.

So if you’re looking to update your windows this year – here is our ultimate guide to the best blinds of 2024.

Best blinds for energy saving

For the ultimate in energy efficiency it has to be Duette blinds. Some experts claim that on average 50% of heat loss in a home is through the windows – that’s a lot of money literally flying out the window!

Energy-saving Duette® blinds have a unique honeycomb construction. This acts as an extra insulating barrier at your window by trapping pockets of air – this can make a huge difference when it comes to retaining heat in your home, especially in the colder months. Blackout versions are also available and our InTu system can add even more insulation by eliminating gaps around the blind.

Duette® blinds not only have fantastic energy saving qualities, they are also a stylish choice for a modern home, with hundreds of fabric options to choose from. That means that you can find the perfect colour or pattern to suit your existing interior design scheme.

Best blinds for conservatories

Conservatories and orangeries are a fantastic addition to a home, they’re the perfect way to bridge the gap between the indoor and outdoors. Yet, with lots of windows it can be a minefield when choosing the perfect blinds.

Crisp and clean, Pleated Blinds are a stylish and modern option that are very much in demand thanks to their versatility. With over 200 fabrics and colours to choose from, including blackout and translucent materials, there are so many options to choose from to make your space really personalised. They also work especially well in irregular shaped windows – think triangular, curved and round. What is more, most fabrics come with a solar-reflective coating (SRC), this helps to reflect the suns rays back out of the house removing heat and UV rays. Blinds can be motorised and linked to home automation and voice control systems like Google Home and Alexa, alongside a mobile app.

Best blinds for home offices

A home office needs to be practical and inspirational – gone are the days when your blinds are an afterthought. Make sure that your blinds work as hard as you do by creating the ultimate in light control. Top down, bottom up blinds are ideal for this space.

If you’re working in a south facing room you are likely to get the sun and screen glare for most of the day. Rather than plunge yourself into darkness to block out the light, consider installing a blind that can be operated from the top or bottom of the window, giving you total control over the light. They are also ideal if you are working from a ground floor or street level room and want to increase your privacy.

The beauty of these blinds is that you can choose a colour or pattern to style the room that works best for you. Whether that’s a neutral, zen inspired palette; or a pop of dopamine colour to get your creative juices flowing.

Best eco-friendly blinds

More and more people are looking to make eco-friendly design choices in their homes in 2024 and we are predicting a huge increase in demand for eco-blinds this year. Our collection of Roller, Vertical and Pleated eco-blinds made from 100% recycled polyester fabrics are the perfect choice for anyone wanting a sustainable option for their home. They are made from plastic bottles that have been processed through grinding, washing, melting, repolymerising, spinning and texturing into new yarns.

Expect to see more product created in this way as carbon zero homes become a key focus going forward.

Best timeless blinds

Interior trends can be fast moving, but if you’re looking to give your home a timeless finish then you can’t go wrong with wooden and faux wood blinds.

This style is quite simply never going out of fashion – offering the perfect balance of elegance and durability. In fact we are seeing demand for wooden blinds increase year-on-year as people look to add more of this material into their homes and create a classic backdrop for their interiors.

The beauty of this look is that you can achieve it no matter what your budget – with faux wood versions offering a more cost-efficient option than real wood. A similar look is with classic shutters to also add character your home. There are also lots of subtle colour options too, meaning that you don’t just need to choose a classic wood or white finish.

Best blinds for children’s bedrooms

Often we need our homes to perfectly match our needs at all life stages – children’s bedrooms are no exception. If you have children who are early risers, or reluctant to go to bed at night, then Total Blackout blinds can provide a sleep environment that could help to support better sleep.

This is thanks to the inclusion of an aluminium cassette, with precision-engineered side rails, which helps to provide unmatched levels of darkness. This innovation also means that draughts and heat loss through the window are reduced, ideal for managing the temperature of children’s bedrooms. With patterns and colours ideal for children of all ages – from babies and toddlers to tweens and teens, these are the perfect option at any age.

Best trending blinds

Roman blinds are having a bit of a design moment, people are being drawn to the streamlined, clean look that they offer. They’re also a great way to add block colour and pattern to a room.

Sheer roman blinds have been highlighted by Living Etc as a key trend for 2024 and we are very much here for it. Perfect for a room which doesn’t need complete blackout, this trend can give a really delicate finish to a space and complement lots if interior styles.

To discuss your bespoke window blind needs, book a design visit with your local Apollo.