A snapshot of Apollo Blinds

It’s a hackneyed phrase but still so true: people buy from people. Which is why we have a strong emphasis on promoting franchise owners almost as much as the new Apollo Blinds businesses they are launching.

We organise for a professional photographer to take great pictures of new franchise owners that are then used in press releases, newspaper competitions and of course on their websites.

Snaps of our newest franchise owners in Lincoln and Swindon are on all the main pages of their new websites so that when visitors see the site they can view the personalities within the business. And that is a huge factor enabling customers to see who they will be dealing with – even before they have picked up the phone or clicked online to book an appointment. It gives customers more confidence in the brand, the people and their decision to invite Apollo Blinds into their homes.

It’s another simple but effective tactic that we use to help our franchise owners tick all the right boxes with potential customers – even before they have met.

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