The early bird catches….

Joining a business networking group is something we strongly advise all our franchise owners to do. You can find groups such as BNI and 4Networking in any UK town or city and they are full of local business people building connections and passing work to one another.

Becoming part of a network of local business people is essential in helping any Apollo Blinds franchise owner raise their profile and enhance their reputation. And the best bit is that most of these groups meeting in the morning so everyone can enjoy a full English breakfast while they’re doing business.

But is it worth it? Well Marc McQuilliam from Apollo Blinds Wirral has 20,000 reasons why it’s worth it.

In little over a year Marc has picked up more than £20,000 of business as a direct result of being a member of his local networking group. It’s a staggering amount of income which has essentially been generated by him getting up early one morning a week and meeting other local businesses over breakfast.

Think about that next time you tuck into your eggs and bacon.

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