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Apollo Blinds 2020 Vision

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020


We’ve got big plans for the Apollo Blinds franchise business this year, as we go from strength to strength. We want to attract more brilliant franchisee owners to join our network to meet soaring consumer demand for our products across the UK.



Apollo Blinds was established in 1972 and is the UK’s biggest franchise network selling made-to-measure blinds, shutters and awnings.

As a business, we consistently rank in the Elite Franchise 100 Top UK Franchises table, and last year we  grew sales by 6% – our ambition is to take this to  10% in 2020 as we look to increase our franchise network from 51 territories to 60 in 2020, to meet the increasing customer demand for our products and services.

As part of the biggest global name in blinds, the Hunter Douglas Group, the Apollo Blinds brand is synonymous with quality and fantastic products, and we are able to offer the largest collection of products in the UK.

But it’s not just our extensive range of products that are driving our success, it’s our franchisees’ passion for customer service that enables us to grow our market share in this highly competitive sector. Our bespoke, at-home service model revolutionised the sector early on, and it’s what we have become renowned for. That existing demand for our products has been a key factor for a lot of our franchisees in opting to become an Apollo Blinds business owner.



What’s interesting about our business network is the diversity of our franchisees’ career backgrounds. Some franchisees joined us with no previous experience in the interiors retail market, or of sales at all; conversely we have some partners who have taken the step to move from employment to becoming their own boss.

The variety of previous experience is testament to the business support we’re able to give to franchisees – something that we’re continually improving and adapting to make working with us better every year.

We have a highly experienced team who provide support across sales and marketing, product development, installation and operations to help each of our franchise partners make the most out of their business.

This year, we want to capitalise on the demand for our products. With increasing competition in our industry, it’s not enough to just have the right products anymore – the customer experience is what matters, and our offer of convenience, professionalism and quality makes Apollo stand out from the rest.

We want to partner with new franchisees to help service the demand and join us in our success, to become part of the next stage of our growth.



Our franchise model is like no other – it offers huge scope, offering ‘buy in’ to an established operations model, a familiar brand and a network of other like-minded individuals for support and guidance, not to mention untapped opportunity in a lucrative market – 30% of our franchisees generate a turnover in excess of £250K a year.

Apollo is a national brand, but a local business for our customers, and that personal touch, with professional advice supporting a huge product range, sets us apart.

If you are interested in finding out more about the business opportunity an Apollo Blinds franchise offers, visit or call 0800 852 7400.

Four Ways to Make Your Home Greener

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

Thanks to wildlife documentaries such as Blue Planet II, as well as increased awareness about how the products we buy and use in our homes affect the environment, being kinder to the planet is becoming a big priority for many UK homeowners.

Luckily, there are some easy ways to be eco-friendly in your home without spending thousands of pounds or affecting your quality of life.


1. Reduce Plastic Waste



Single use plastic bags, bottles, straws and cups are the biggest threat to our ocean eco-systems – causing huge damage to wildlife and turning massive stretches of water into floating rubbish dumps.

You can do your bit to tackle the growing amount of plastic entering our oceans by swapping out single use plastics for reusable versions, as well as making a conscious effort to buy products that utilise plastics recovered from the ocean. Everything from duvets, rugs and now window blinds can reuse plastic waste in this way.

Apollo’s NEW Greenscreen Sea-Tex blinds are made from plastic retrieved from beaches, remote coastlines and inland waterways, transforming it into a long-lasting high-performance roller blind fabric. Greenscreen Sea-Tex fabric is energy-efficient, filters sunlight and is fully recyclable.  It’s also PVC free.

Fifty per cent of the fabric’s weight is recovered ocean plastic, they’re available in five neutral semi-transparent shades.

2. Reduce Energy Consumption

There are lots of ways to reduce energy in the home, some are common sense, others are less so, and overall there are significant savings to be made.

You can read our brilliant energy saving tips here:

 And one of the best tips of all is to install Duette® blinds at windows. With their unique honeycomb structure, Duette® blinds can help homeowners to achieve a more energy-efficient home, saving up to 25% on annual heating costs.

Within the collection, Duette® Relife blinds are a type of Duette® blinds fabric manufactured using recycled polyester fibres from recycled textiles, scoring you even more eco-friendly points.


3. Recycle and Upcycle

Upcycling furniture is not only great for the environment but will create stunning and bespoke pieces for your home.  There are hundreds of tutorials that show you how to breathe new life into old furniture and we’ve collated some of our favourites for you over on Pinterest


Another recycling option is to create window blinds from old curtains. Curtains can become worn around the edges but if the fabric is otherwise intact, there’s an opportunity you can recycle these well-loved household textiles into gorgeous window blinds, using our You Choose window blinds making service.  It’s something we’re seeing more frequently and is great for the environment.


4. Harness the Sun’s Power

Apollo’s solar powered roof blinds operate by converting energy from the sun via a discreet solar panel on the window side of the blind, which charges the battery during daylight hours.

The blinds are fully motorised for ease of use, yet without any added electricity consumption.   They’re ideal for insulating windows and for light control in hard to reach areas.

Apollo has recently introduced a number of products with impressive eco credentials to its already extensive ranges.

All are delivered with Apollo’s quality assurance and the care and attention to detail that guarantees an expertly crafted window blind, fitted to the homeowner’s exact specifications.