50 years Greenscreen blinds

More than five trillion plastic pieces are currently floating in the world’s oceans. The Greenscreen Sea-Tex™ project recovers plastic from coastlines and beaches around the world and turns it into Roller blind screen fabric.

The recovered plastic is collected, sorted and cut into small pellets before being melted, extruded and spun into yarn. From there, the yarn is woven and dyed to create the collection of Greenscreen Sea-Tex™ fabrics.

Greenscreen Sea-Tex™ is not just an environmentally friendly, recyclable fabric. The tight weave means that you cannot easily see through it, which helps to keep light out whilst maintaining the heat within your home.

Eco-friendly blinds at a glance

  • Available in five colours: white, sand, haze, pearl and graphite
  • Comes in sizes up to 3 m wide
  • Each blind is made from 50% recycled plastic
Eco friendly black blind
Eco friendly grey blind
Eco friendly grey blind
Eco friendly green blind
Eco friendly grey blind