Blinds reflect 2008 trend for bold colours and big patterns

January 2008

Bold colours, bigger patterns and striking colour contrasts will be the fashions which will shape the way the rooms in homes will look this year.

Clean, plain and minimalist decor will make way for warmer feeling rooms which have more colour, richness and vibrancy with a slightly retro feel to them as homeowners look to start personalising their homes again.

Homeowners will take more risks with colours, patterns and fabrics as they turn their back on neutral schemes in favour of creating rooms which have more of their own personality and an ambience of joie de vivre.

These are the predictions of Janine Brown - one of the region's up-and-coming experts on home interiors and design.

Janine runs Apollo Blinds in Stokesley and is seeing at first hand the shift towards room schemes which have a stronger identity and reflect their owners' personalities much more.

"2008 will be a significant year in interior design because of such a big change in the use of colour in the home and accessories such as window blinds play a huge part in shaping and defining the ambience and atmosphere of a room," she said.

"We have already started to see an increase in the number of people walking through the doors of our showroom who are introducing more vibrant schemes and want blinds to complement and balance these bolder colours.

"At Apollo Blinds we have a huge range of window blinds and a breathtaking number of different colours so we can help any customer find the right matches for any colour scheme they are planning."

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