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Enhance the look of your garden and patio with an Apollo Blinds made to measure Awning.

We have a fabulous range of Awnings & Canopies, all custom made to fit perfectly over your patio doors or windows. Our motorised or manually operated Awnings help provide heat protection for your family and reduce heat gain on large, glazed windows and bi-folds.

Choose from over 400 stylish, easy to clean fabrics in our Awning collection, plus a host of optional features including sun & wind sensors, integrated heating and lighting for relaxed evenings and all-year-round entertaining.

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Benefits of Apollo Awnings

  • Measured & installed by professionals
  • Premium quality & craftmanship
  • Residential & commercial use
  • Motorised & manual control
  • Over 400 fabrics to choose from
  • Sun and wind sensor options
  • Integrated lighting & heating options
  • 5 year product guarantee

Select your Awning Width & Projection for an estimated cost

Motorised & fully fitted* From£2,534

*Subject to survey. Prices based upon motorised Awnings. Manual operation available upon request. Larger awning sizes available upon request.Prices exclude any additional options requested.


Frequently Asked Questions

An Awning increases the outdoor living space so that you can enjoy more of the alfresco experience. It provides essential shading by blocking 40% to 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays (depending on fabric).

An Awning (especially a quality one) can transform the way you use your home – and be a key feature of your property.

Awnings can be operated in two main ways. They can be operated manually using a removable hand crank. However, most new Awnings are motorised, allowing easier and more frequent usage opening with a simple touch of a button. Additional options include sun and wind sensors which open and retract your Awning according to the weather conditions.

We recommend adding 300mm to each side of the window or door that you are covering – making the Awning wider helps shade the area fully as the sun shifts throughout the day. The Awning projection should be the area you want covered plus 350mm – 450mm noting that the Awning will lose some projection based on the fitting height and pitch. Our experts are on hand to explain this when we survey your home.

Yes. Awnings are engineered to tolerate light to moderate winds when they are at full projection: the tensile strength comes from the Awning arms being at full extension. We recommend they are fitted with an automatic wind sensor to retract in stronger gusts and winds above those levels.

Apollo Blinds Awnings require very little maintenance. If you live away from the coast, we recommend washing the frame and fabric once per year with mild soap and water but not detergent. In coastal areas where the air is salty, rinsing the frame and cover frequently during the year is also advisable to an annual clean. Your local Apollo Blinds can provide you with maintenance and warranty details during your home consultation.

As the fabric is treated, light rain shouldn’t damage your Awning. However, if allowed to accumulate, the weight of water can become a problem if not fully retracted. Your Awning will be installed with the minimum recommended angle of pitch, allowing it to be used safely in light rain. Heavy rain could cause water to pool on the fabric and possibly stretch the frame and damage the fabric and arms.

Many Awnings sold online are not designed to withstand any wind force. Our quality made-to-measure Awnings are made to last with premium durable fabrics and highly engineered parts. We are experts in the survey and installation of Awnings and will provide you with the full service from design to installation. We are proud to offer a 3-year warranty on Awnings whilst guaranteeing the motor for 5 years and fabric for 10 years.

During your initial home consultation, we will survey your property and advise how your Awning will be fitted. In some instances, we may need to use bespoke fixings to provide a safe and secure installation or to overcome obstacles. Our experts can advise you on the fitting process during your home appointment.

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when calculating the cost of an Awning. Operation (motorisation or manual) width, projection, fabric, are some of the key factors to consider – as well a range of additional options such as window and sun sensors. All of these will be discussed with you during your home consultation. Why not try our handy calculator to provide you with some guide prices?

An Awning is made of fabric that is attached to a building and is typically positioned over a window or door. A canopy is a freestanding structure that typically has posts supporting its fabric roof.

Awnings that are operated correctly and well maintained can last for years – and well beyond the 3-year warranty (and a 5-year guarantee on motors and 10 years on fabrics) that come as standard with all Apollo Blinds Awnings.