Blind Screen™

Contemporary, stylish and easy to operate, Blind Screen™ fit seamlessly into a variety of window types and can instantly update any room.

Our Blind Screen™ are made to measure to the exact dimensions of your window space, meaning they offer a sleek finish. They have a unique structure that can trap heat in your home during winter and keep it out during summer – ideal for helping to maintain a comfortable temperature and reduce energy bills.

Full blackout screens are available, for the ultimate solution in blocking out unwanted light and creating extra privacy. And if bugs are a problem, we have an insect screen option too.

Pick either single-screen or dual-screen blinds, depending on the size of your window and how you want the blinds to look and work. You can choose from a range of fabrics and tones, perfectly complementing your existing décor.

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Why Choose Apollo Blinds Blind Screen™?

  • A modern window covering
  • Enhanced blackout option
  • Made to measure
  • Excellent quality
  • Energy-efficient fabrics
  • No trip hazards due to the low-threshold frame
  • Ideal for bifold doors, sliding doors and large glazed areas
  • Single- or dual-screen and insect options
  • Available in a variety of colours

The Benefits of Blind Screen™



The modern aesthetics of our Blind Screen™ are instantly noticeable, but it’s the unparalleled build quality and innovative technologies under the surface that truly set our Blind Screen™ apart.

Energy-efficient fabrics

Thanks to their energy-efficient fabrics, Blind Screen™ can keep heat in during winter and block it out during summer. There is also the option of an insect screen, stopping annoying bugs from entering your home.

'Memory' fabrics

The fabrics are very durable and have a ‘memory’, meaning they spring back into place – so you don’t have to worry about them getting creased or dented.

Our Process

We have decades of experience and a great reputation for the high quality of our products. We are confident that you’ll love the Apollo Blinds service from start to finish.

1.Book your consultation
2.Review the quote
Tape measure
3.Made to measure
4.Professional installation


The Breeze In Insect Screen range comes in white, grey or black. The Light Seal range comes in white, beige, light grey and dark grey. The Scene Set range is available in white, beige, light grey and dark grey (plus black for wider blinds).

Our Blind Screen™ can be installed in all sorts of window spaces – even bi-folding and patio doors.

They are made of a combination of aluminium, PVC and fabric.

We recommend wiping down the blinds with a damp cloth and mild soap.

Our Blind Screen™ have a small movable handle, and they glide across their hidden tracks with ease.

Blind Screen™ run edge to edge within the window space, so they are great for fully blocking out light – and bugs, when the insect screen option is added. In terms of styling, they are most suited to contemporary, modern interiors.