Motorised & Smart Blinds

What could be better than the versatility, privacy and simplicity of operating one or more window blinds in your home from a single touch?

All of our powered blinds have a number of control options, from simple remote handsets and wall switches to home hubs that enable you to control your blind through your mobile phone or tablet at the touch of a button.

For added security, let us automate your window blinds using smart home technology. Programme your blinds to open and close when you’re not at home or at bedtime, in the evening or during daylight hours to keep your rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Fully compatible with all leading home automation systems, our powered blinds can be operated from a simple remote control or a home control hub, can be linked to a Google or Alexa device and can be integrated with your existing smart home control solution – everything is possible.

What’s more, with less handling and manual operation, you can maintain the perfect look and feel of your window blinds for longer.

Powershade Smart Controller

Watch the video below to see how you can control and program your window blinds using our Powershade Smart Controller.


Motorisation and smart blinds at a glance

Motorised battery-operated remote-control blinds provide the simplest solution. Rechargeable batteries require no wiring. Solar charging options prolong the battery charge for out-of-reach blinds.

Motorised electric remote-control blinds provide a more integrated solution using low-voltage or 240v motors to power your blinds effortlessly.

We have a choice of stylish and discreet smart home hubs. Control one or multiple blinds at any time with an easy-to-use Wi-Fi hub – setting when you want your blinds to open and close within the simple app.

“Good morning, Alexa.” Link your home hub device to your Alexa or Google for quick and simple voice control to open your blinds to your favourite position.

For complete seamless home integration, our blinds can be linked into smart home operating systems, functioning alongside your security, lighting and audio-visual home entertainment systems. We can assist you with selecting the right type of blind and motor for compatibility with Control4, Rako, KNX and many more.

When choosing your window blinds, ask your local Apollo Blinds for the most effective motorised solution for your home.

Motorisation Options

1.Remote Control
2.Smart Home Hubs
3.Smart Home Operating System