Roman Blinds and Curtains

We are delighted to introduce our luxurious new collection. A spectacular array of exquisite new fabric weaves and prints, all presented within our innovative colour swatches. The fabrics have been carefully arranged in colour groups to make selection so easy, and we believe you’ll just love choosing from this delicious range.

The fabrics have all been developed and thoroughly tested to guarantee they are of the highest quality. All colours and styles have been carefully selected to feature in current and upcoming trends. Within the collection you will find a comprehensive array of traditional and contemporary fabrics in pure cottons and polyesters, including: delicate botanical prints, classic stripes, as well as a vast array of plains and textures, allowing you to mix and match to create the look you desire. All the fabrics within the collection can be used to create beautiful ROMAN BLINDS, CURTAINS, and even CUSHIONS and TIEBACKS too. You can order co-ordinating or matching cushions in a selection of three sizes: 40x40cm, 60x60cm 30x50cm. You can also choose from a piped or un-piped finish.

All of our Roman Blinds are 100% hand made by a skilled and dedicated workforce, and use our luxury Vantage Plus System. Vantage Plus is a robust high quality system that is discreetly hidden from view, to ensure our sumptuous fabrics take centre stage. They come fully lined with white or ivory fabric or white or ivory block out fabric. The full Roman Blind is child safety compliant and is operated with a metal chain for durability.

Minimum Width: 300mm
Minimum Drop: 300mm
Maximum Drop: 3000mm
Maximum Width: 3000mm
Maximum Area: 6.25m2

Our Highlights

AW cushions
cole 02 curtains
dartmoth coral cushions
delany rose penrose raspberry2 roman blinds
delany rose penrose raspberry roman blinds
enchant silver asina silver2 roman blinds
enchant silver asina silver curtains
enchant silver asina silver roman blinds
enchant teal juste cobalt2 curtains
enchant teal juste cobalt2 roman blinds
enchant teal juste cobalt cushions
enchant teal juste cobalt roman blinds
enchant teal ruts cobalt roman blinds
harewood dijon liberty zest2 roman blinds
harewood dijon liberty zest cushions
harewood dijon liberty zest roman blinds
vivaldi pacific brownmore lane cushions
vivaldi pacific brownmore lane cushions
vivaldi pacific brownmore lane roman blinds
vivaldi pacific layla wedgewood cushions
vivaldi pacific layla wedgewood roman blinds