A big benefit of fitting window blinds in your home is the flexibility they provide in terms of light control. This can be enhanced further with different types of operating systems; our design team has the lowdown on the various options available from Apollo Blinds …

As well as choosing different types of blinds for their look and style, how they block out light and shade a room is another key consideration. 

Venetian and Vertical blinds, and shutters, have slats and veins that can easily be tilted to alter the amount of light entering a room. A similar effect is achieved with Twilight blinds that have an alternating solid and sheer panel which can be aligned in different ways. 

Pleated, Roller, Roman and Duette® blinds all feature a solid panel of fabric that can be moved up and down. But did you know that these can be fitted with different operating systems to provide additional options for how they shade the room?

Bottom Up Top Down (Multi-zone)  

Multi-zone or ‘Top Down, Bottom Up’ operation is exactly that – giving you the ability to move the blinds from the top down, bottom up or anywhere in between. Light control can be adjusted to exactly where it’s needed as sunlight changes throughout the day. This also maintains a clear view out of the window if desired. 

The fitting system works with Pleated and Duette® blinds.


More and more customers are adding the benefit of operating their new blinds at the touch of a button.

A motor can be added from as little as £99 and they can also be linked to home automation and voice control systems like Google Home and Alexa, alongside a mobile app.

The adjustable rise speeds and stop positions mean that they are incredibly easy to operate. Motorised blinds are ideal for rooms with multiple blinds as the remote can raise and lower as many blinds as you require at the same time. Or if you can’t reach your blinds to operate them or have hard-to-reach roof windows adding remote operation is perfect.

Sun and timing sensors can be added which can be an added bonus when you’re away from home. This can also help to protect furniture from fading from extreme sunlight.


Many of our systems have been specially designed for tilt-and-turn windows, folding/sliding doors and conservatories. They fit perfectly into the frames of your windows or doors without making holes in the frames for a neat and stylish finish.

Apollo’s Intu system is a great solution for neat fitting blinds. They are bead-fit so click into to the top of the window frame itself. You can raise or lower the bottom bar to the position you want the blind at. These are ideal for tilt-and-turn windows and conservatories.

Intu® Micro has been specially developed for bi-fold doors – ideal for summer when you want to fling the doors open but don’t want blinds or curtains flapping around.  

The top and bottom bar come in a variety of colours (white, anthracite and brown) to compliment the window or finish of door in your home.

They’re also classed as child safe by design as they have no chains or dangling cords.

Perfect Fit

Similar to the Intu® system, Perfect Fit blinds are encased in a screw free fitting frame, positioned in the beading of the glass and provide a sleek option. With the Perfect Fit solution you can even remove the whole blind to clean the windows.

We offer a range of frame colours, including white, brown, anthracite, golden oak, mahogany and silver, to ensure that they blend perfectly with your windows, and Perfect Fit can be used with Roller, Twilight, Venetian, Pleated and Duette® blinds. Blinds are tensioned for easy operation.

Our Apollo designers around the UK can demonstrate each system and talk through the benefits during an in-home consultation and we install all of our blinds so you can be sure they will fit and operate perfectly. And once your blinds have been installed, a member of our installation team will spend time with you making sure that you understand the full operation of your new made-to-measure blinds, pointing out any key operational features. For example, with motorised blinds, they will show you how to adjust any settings or connect your blinds to your smart speaker.

You can find your local Apollo here: https://www.apollo-blinds.co.uk/find-your-apollo/

Looking to inject some colour energy into your home? You’ll love these ideas

Bright vibrant colours can transform a dull and dreary room into an energising and uplifting space. Certain colours can also boost your mood and provide emotional cues to the brain to feel happier – two great reasons to add some colour into your interior décor. Whether it’s brilliant blue in the bathroom or a colourful coral in the kitchen – here’s some of our favourite bright and beautiful blinds that prove playing with colour can be so much fun. We’ve included a wide variety of the types of blinds we do to show you how key colours in the spectrum can look at the window including Vertical, Venetian, Twilight, Pleated and
Duette® blinds.

Bathroom Blinds

Style with…

Style with…

Style with…

Style with…

Kitchen Blinds

Style with…

Style with…

Style with…

Style with…

Living Room Blinds

Style with…

Style with…

Style with…

Style with…

Bedroom Blinds

Style with…

Style with…

Style with…

There has been one room or space in the house that has been a key area of focus in the last few months – the home office or working from home area.

Whether it’s giving a home working space a mini makeover or a complete overhaul, there are lots of lovely new ideas on how to create a happy and healthy home office.

Here are our 6 favourite ideas for styling a home office. 

Make the most of natural daylight

Find a space that has lots of natural daylight, which will help to keep you alert, focused and give you a boost of Vitamin D, but don’t forget a practical office blind to provide shade from the sun’s glare, particularly if your room is south facing. Venetian blinds look fantastic in home office spaces.

For larger windows, top down bottom up blinds (shown here with Duette®blinds) work exceptionally well in providing flexible shading throughout the day without losing the view or natural sunlight.

Look after your posture with a comfortable chair

Ergonomic office chairs are probably the best support for your back and neck, but they are not particularly ‘stylish’ in a home setting. Chic round shapes work well to juxtaposition the edges of a rectangular office desk. 

Stash paperwork away with stylish storage

While many of us attempt to operate paperless offices it’s not always possible to just have a few office items on show, so storage is important. Under desk drawers can look neat and are a great way to hide paperwork and files and a taller unit can be used to display more interesting items and accessories.    

Accessorise your space with lots of greenery

Terrariums bring a touch of nature into your home or office environment, in the most stylish way possible. There is also research which suggests that succulents can remove many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air. When the plants emit water vapour, they also pull contaminated air down to the roots of the plant, turning it to plant food and subsequently purifying the air in your home.

Make work walls wonder walls with artwork

Adding artwork into your workspace will draw the eye and adds a personal touch to your area. It can be a way to introduce a colour scheme within the area or just something to inspire you when you’re taking a break from staring at a screen.

Soften the area with a rug

Adding a shaggy or faux fur rug to a workspace creates added warmth and texture. Alternatively add a rug to help to ‘zone’ the area.

More inspiration on home office ideas

Here’s some more inspiration from some of our favourite interior journalists:

Laurie Davidson @lifeofaninteriorstylist

Alison Davidson @alisonaddingstyle

Emily Dawe @editbyemily

We’ve also got a Pinterest board packed with pictures to inspire you:

Veetian Blinds for a Light-Filled Living Room

How a combination of clean, crisp Venetian blinds and first-class customer service provided the perfect customised window dressing solution for a living room flooded with natural light.

Recently we advised Pamela Miller, the writer and creative thinker behind the popular family lifestyle blog Life with Munchers, about choosing the best blinds to for privacy but without blocking the abundance of natural light that she enjoys in her living room.

Pamela came to Apollo because she didn’t just want off-the-shelf window blinds.  She was searching for something bespoke, with a high-quality finish.  Being able to pick the brains of an expert was a huge bonus, so the high levels of customer service and of course the craftsmanship associated with Apollo Blinds really appealed to her.

“This is such a bright and airy room, with a patio door and two windows either side,” explains Pamela.  “So, I was rather precious about maintaining as much light in this room as possible.”

“The last thing I wanted to do was chop the windows in half with a Roman blind or pelmet, so the obvious option was Venetian blinds.”

Impressed with the service levels experienced throughout, as well as the wealth of options to customise her blinds, Pamela continued:

“We had a representative from Apollo blinds come out to measure the windows and every care was taken to show us the colour swatches of the wooden Venetian blinds that were available, including the tapes and drawstring.

“I have to say there was a vast selection of whites to choose from!

“We opted a shade to tie in with the off-white linen curtains that we were putting up and we weren’t disappointed when Apollo Blinds came back to install them.  They were perfect! They tied in perfectly with the space, colouring and feel of the room.

“We were talked through the safety elements of the blinds, such as the cord holder and even the fact that the cord puller itself has been designed with safety in mind.”

The service from Apollo was amazing from start to finish,” she concluded.

Read more about the Life With Munchers Living Room makeover here.

Love Pamela’s crisp white look?  Why not browse our inspiration gallery?

Apollo Blinds has put together this useful A-Z guide to window blinds to help navigate the growing number of types of window coverings and fabrics available, as well as explaining any terminology and technological advances in window blinds operating systems.

Rooms that’ll make you feel at one with nature, schemes influenced by global travel and a Japanese outlook for a more carefree approach to life and home styling, we’ve got all the creative inspiration you need to revive tired interiors and create an on-trend look this year.

TREND #1. Get The Wabi-Sabi Look

While ‘Hygge’ has dominated as an approach to interiors in recent years, 2018 is all about ‘Wabi-Sabi’, which is an easy, carefree concept to apply.

Wabi-Sabi finds beauty in imperfection.  Life isn’t perfect, our homes aren’t perfect – and that’s okay!

What’s important when following the ‘Wabi-Sabi’ way is authenticity, staying true to oneself and celebrating life’s flaws. Beds can messy and crumpled rather than primped, plumped and tucked. Homes are ‘homely’.  Natural fabrics, frayed edges, uneven surfaces and unfinished asymmetrical objects are commended and brought to the fore. Team this look with natural and neat window coverings – wood or metal Venetian blinds are ideal.











Trend #2. Biofilia

Biofilia describes the human need to be connected to nature. Rustic, natural and easy to live with this look takes us back to basics, unwinding in an unplugged environment that’s in touch with nature but with an emphasis on terrain rather than green foliage.  Pattern is influenced by tree bark, sand and rock formations. Layering and tactility is key to achieving this look.

















TREND #3. Global Souvenir

A look that celebrates a colourful mix of cultural influences, drawing inspiration from folklore and reviving long held traditions.

This is a relaxed trend, fashioned by travel and an unexpected sense of fun that comes with exploration (Latin American influences and Cuban colour codes are particularly important).  Decorate homes with bright and inspiring carnival colours with a weathered/well-travelled feel. Raw untreated wood and cacti complete this theme.
























Wallpapers available from www.iwantwallpaper.co.uk

Like our ideas on must-have looks for interiors in 2018? Make sure you check out our Pinterest board on 2018 Home Interiors Trends.



Not quite indoors and not quite garden, but filled with natural light and boasting the best views in the house; the conservatory is one of the home’s most relaxing and enjoyable spaces. Here’s how to help your conservatory reach its full potential with expert advice from Apollo Blinds.

Apollo 1













1) Select the right blinds
Deciding on which blind is right for a conservatory or summer room is dependent on a number of factors; each type of blind offers different light and privacy control, and Duette® blinds offer temperature control too. The choice also comes down to the look it achieves along with fabric preference.

The most popular blinds types for conservatories and garden rooms include:

• Duette® blinds – energy efficient blinds to keep cool in summer and warm in winter
Pleated blinds bring a chic, neat look to conservatories and are available in a choice of colours
Vertical blinds bring subtle shade and variable privacy control, whilst still allowing light and air to flood through.
Venetian blinds create a stylish and contemporary look, whilst offering great privacy and light control.
Roller blinds come in a huge range of prints, designs and colours and when open give clear views of gardens and the great outdoors.

Popular operating systems include:

INTU® (available with roller, Venetian and pleated blinds) fits neatly into the bead of windows and doors with no hanging cords or screws needed. Allows tilt and turn or pivoting windows and patio doors to move freely without damaging the blind.

• Motorised roller blinds can be operated in groups via a remote control.

Apollo 2














2) Set the Temperature for year-round use
Gone are the days of cold unusable conservatories in winter and unbearably hot rooms in summer. Installing Duette® blinds will keep the temperature on an even keel all year round. The unique honeycomb design of ensures that rooms are kept at a comfortable and consistent temperature–where an abundance of glass can make temperature control challenging.
A room that’s usable all year round means you’ve room to contemplate the function of your conservatory. It’s no longer an abandoned space or dumping ground so why not use it as a dining room, introduce a day bed for a versatile guest bedroom or even install a bright and airy kitchen that’s filled with natural light.

See our conservatory Pinterest board for more inspiration:

Apollo 3

















3) Focus on furnishing
With only one or two items of furniture, lots of exposed brick, hard flooring and an abundance of glass, conservatories can feel cold and unloved. But there’s really no reason to leave the room looking sparse when just choosing the right furnishings conservatories can serve as an extra multifunctional space in the home. The addition of curtains and a statement rug makes this conservatory feel lovely and cosy. And an air of opulence is achieved with surprising design elements like the solid wood table, fuchsia pink display cabinet and chandelier.

Apollo 5














4) Merge with outdoors

Apollo 6
























Although probably not achievable in your average household, we love the way this conservatory come greenhouse, with its climbing foliage and rustic picnic table, fuses indoor/outdoor living.

Indoor plants to your conservatory can have significant health benefits as well as adding to the ambiance, plus the extensive glazing can help to cultivate seedlings in the same way a greenhouse would.
For a Mediterranean air citrus plants will flourish in the conservatory. To expand the space be bold and introduce taller plants such as palms that will thrive even in adverse environments.

Apollo 7










5) Don’t forget the Roof
We have made-to-measure roof blinds and other speciality products for conservatories and garden rooms.

Apollo 8

The natural beauty of wooden blinds remains a winning look for all styles and types of home – from modern to traditional decors.
Real wood and timber looks are making a huge comeback in homes as we head towards 2017.
We’ve updated our wooden Venetian blind collections with exciting new looks and materials to ensure that wood blinds continue to stand the test of time – and the products can be ordered, tailored to specific measurements and professionally fitted in homes within weeks.

Wood combined with natural textures and blue grey pastel walls makes for a simple yet chic scheme that will stand the test of time.

Wood Venetian blinds offer a contemporary look for homes, plus they’re durable and easy to clean, which makes them a great choice for family homes.
Find out more about our wood Venetian blinds. Or browse our Pinterest board for more inspiration.