Dark colours such as black, charcoal and indigo look fantastic at windows.

As the nights draw in during the winter months, we get to enjoy the beauty of dreamy night skies and shadowy shades… and dark and decadent styling within the home can be as equally dramatic.

Deep shades of charcoal grey and black look fabulous at windows. Black can be applied to create a monochrome scheme or can be teamed with other colours that are rich and luxurious.

Black is a rich and versatile interiors shade with lots of subtle variations.  There are many advantages to using black in the home – it has a real cocooning effect and is nigh on impossible to clash with. With a black backdrop, you can introduce any (or all!) the colour accents you desire.

Gold and metallic highlights look stunning against black; alternatively, mix in some more surprising shades that express originality, ingenuity and creativity.

Our entire range – from venetian and Twilight blinds to rollers and Duette blinds – are available in various shades of black. You can explore our textures and fabrics by browsing our collection books during your in-home consultation with an Apollo designer in your area.

Charcoal grey is also a strong colourway for Nordic styling, characterised by a focus on functionalism and simplicity as well as the use of natural materials.

Inky blues at windows, on walls or as an interior accent also create a rich and moodily elegant vibe.

We hope you feel inspired by our dark and decadent gallery. Why not browse the rest of our website for more interiors inspiration.

Get The Look In Dulux’s New Colour Of Year – Brave Ground

Dulux has announced its Colour Of The Year 2021, which is always an interesting gauge for how we might be styling our homes in the coming year. For 2021 they’ve chosen a reassuring earthy beige called Brave Ground, a neutral brown shade. They say: (it’s) “a bolstering shade that connects back to nature and the simple things. A warm, earthy tone, it creates a feeling of stability, growth and potential; and provides a firm foundation for change and creativity in your home.”

The paint brand has also given some ideas on different colour palettes that this hue can be styled with, which they suggest as:

Of course, with the vast array of colours we offer here at Apollo for choosing your blinds (almost every colour imaginable!), we can provide blinds and curtains in virtually the exact colour they’re dubbing as ‘the one we’ll be adopting in 2021’. We can also offer advice on colours of window blinds that will look fantastic to co-ordinate with Dulux’s Brave Ground on the walls. Our local experts, who will bring our sample books into your home during an in-home consultation, can talk you through the options.

In the meantime, we’ve selected a selection of blinds in colours similar to Dulux’s Brave Ground to show you how great this colour can look when applied as a window dressing. 

This is a Duette blind featuring the multi-zone operating system we offer. While looking fantastic – especially teamed with a gorgeous green rug and white furniture – the benefits of a Duette blind are they keep more heat in a room than a standard blind during the winter months (reducing your heating bills!) and offer exceptional climate control in the summer.
This dining area features one of our made-to-measure roller blinds where we also show how well a deep indigo blue works with a Brave Ground colour-inspired shade.
If your bathroom is in need of a 2020-21 update then a window blind can be the way to add an on-trend colour theme to a room. Team it with matching towels and it’s bang up to date!
We’ve long been an advocate of warming neutral shades at windows, which we think work so well with natural woods and raw surfaces like brick. These are Duette blinds which deliver a practical and aesthetically pleasing look for rooms with large expanses of glass.
Twilight blinds have alternating stripes of sheer and solid fabric, so the blinds can be easily moved from a stripe effect – where gentle light is allowed into the room – to a full block of colour when all of the solid fabric stripes align. They’re a hugely popular choice with Apollo customers – it’s easy to see why!
And finally for the bedroom; so while ‘grey’ has dominated the on-trend look for homes for a while now, especially for bedrooms, we think our roller blinds and room ideas here show how warming and cosy this new Colour Of The Year can look to create a relaxing space for sleep.

If you’re feeling inspired and fancy updating your décor then the warmth of this neutral beige is maybe just what you’re looking for to create a happy and calming home. You can find more inspiration here https://www.apollo-blinds.co.uk/inspiration-gallery/naturals/ or visit our find your Local Apollo page to get in touch.

We’ve also got a Pinterest board packed with pictures to inspire you here

They’re A Sheer Delight for Windows

Our NEW Allusion window blinds are the latest innovation in window coverings – combining sheer curtains and vertical blinds.

We’re a nation that once LOVED net curtains at windows, and everything comes back in fashion (so the saying goes). So here is a new sophisticated update for windows, a sheer window covering that combines the best of sheer curtains and vertical blinds.  They’re a 21st-century version of the once hugely popular net curtain if you like!

The new Allusion blinds from Apollo Blinds feature vertical vanes in a soft, silky voile material that are suspended from a top rail.

The delicate fabric drapes beautifully, holding its shape to give the illusion of curtain folds, but as the fabric is hung in individual vertical vanes, you can pass through them for easy access to doors.

Our design director Matt Thomas explains: “Just like their net curtain predecessors, Allusion blinds are made from sheer fabric that provides a veil of privacy but still allows maximum light into a room.

“They’re a brilliant solution for dressing large windows as well as patio, bifold and trifold doors. They can be motorised and operated by remote control or by a neat wand.

“Because each vane hangs separately (i.e. not linked together by a bottom chain or rail), homeowners can pass through the blind at any point without having to ‘open’ the blinds. The louvres can be rotated for variable light control.

“Homeowners can also throw open the doors without flies and wasps entering the home. And there’s good news for allergy-sufferers too, as Allusion blinds let fresh air circulate while blocking much of the pollen and dust particles that aggravate symptoms of hay-fever and asthma.

“A final benefit is that they also stop nosy neighbours and potential burglars from getting a good view into homes.”

New Allusion blinds come in two colours Snow (white) and Pewter (charcoal), with a choice of a colour co-ordinating fascia (or Vista headrail) and the option to motorise.

Key benefits and differences of Allusion blinds at a glance include:

Window Dressings for a Tranquil Dawn

The colour trend experts at Dulux have announced the colour of the year for 2020 as Tranquil Dawn. It’s a hazy, fresh sea green that signifies new beginnings for interior design, encourages human connection and is a nod to the new decade we’re about to enter.

The great news is that if you’re looking to for Tranquil Dawn home accessories or soft furnishings, Apollo Blinds has products across all of its window blinds ranges to match the Dulux Colour of the Year.

Our design director Matt Thomas says:

“Tranquil Dawn provides a fresh twist on the greys we’ve become accustomed to in interior design.  There are plenty of gorgeous patterned fabrics from our Roman Blind, Curtain and Cushion Collection to match Tranquil Dawn that can be coordinated throughout the room.

“Shutters also look amazing with this colour, especially as Apollo Blinds operates a colour match service that can perfectly match shutters to any shade. Alternatively, a crisp white, soft grey or natural timber would beautifully complement this colour on the walls.”

Find your nearest Apollo Blinds for an in-home quote.

Veetian Blinds for a Light-Filled Living Room

How a combination of clean, crisp Venetian blinds and first-class customer service provided the perfect customised window dressing solution for a living room flooded with natural light.

Recently we advised Pamela Miller, the writer and creative thinker behind the popular family lifestyle blog Life with Munchers, about choosing the best blinds to for privacy but without blocking the abundance of natural light that she enjoys in her living room.

Pamela came to Apollo because she didn’t just want off-the-shelf window blinds.  She was searching for something bespoke, with a high-quality finish.  Being able to pick the brains of an expert was a huge bonus, so the high levels of customer service and of course the craftsmanship associated with Apollo Blinds really appealed to her.

“This is such a bright and airy room, with a patio door and two windows either side,” explains Pamela.  “So, I was rather precious about maintaining as much light in this room as possible.”

“The last thing I wanted to do was chop the windows in half with a Roman blind or pelmet, so the obvious option was Venetian blinds.”

Impressed with the service levels experienced throughout, as well as the wealth of options to customise her blinds, Pamela continued:

“We had a representative from Apollo blinds come out to measure the windows and every care was taken to show us the colour swatches of the wooden Venetian blinds that were available, including the tapes and drawstring.

“I have to say there was a vast selection of whites to choose from!

“We opted a shade to tie in with the off-white linen curtains that we were putting up and we weren’t disappointed when Apollo Blinds came back to install them.  They were perfect! They tied in perfectly with the space, colouring and feel of the room.

“We were talked through the safety elements of the blinds, such as the cord holder and even the fact that the cord puller itself has been designed with safety in mind.”

The service from Apollo was amazing from start to finish,” she concluded.

Read more about the Life With Munchers Living Room makeover here.

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