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Venetain BlindsVenetian BlindVenetian BlindsVenetian Blinds

Key Venetian Blind Facts

  • Over 200 slat colours to choose from.
  • Finishes include: metallic, matt, gloss, textured, brushed, mirrored, perforated.
  • 4 slat widths: 16, 25, 35, 50mm.
  • Aliwood natural wood effect blinds
    available in 11 colours.
Wooden Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Beautifully simple, yet incredibly stylish, the Venetian blind is a classic design that offers superb choice and flexibility.

Venetian blinds are an incredibly versatile decorative solution that offers a variety of styles to match almost any decor.

Apollo's range includes over 200 exciting colours and finishes. From aluminium to natural wood. Subtle pastels to vibrant shades. Even striking metallic finishes and abstract designs.

Manufactured from the highest quality materials available anywhere in the world today, Apollo Venetian blinds combine functional practicality and versatility.

With a simple twist, Venetian blinds enable you to optimise your ideal ambient light conditions and control privacy and security. Made to your personal specifications, they ensure the perfect finish to your living space.

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