Why Apollo?

Here are six reasons why homeowners choose Apollo Blinds for stunning made-to-measure window blinds, curtains, shutters and awnings that are expertly installed.

Here today - and tomorrow

We’ve been offering superior-quality window coverings since 1972, which means we have a well-earned reputation for the quality of our products and the craftsmanship of our installations. As well as great products and service, we offer complete peace of mind – so you can call on us if ever there’s a problem. Not all blinds retailers can say that.

Unparalleled collections

We’re backed by the world’s biggest manufacturer of window blinds, which means we can offer you an unrivalled selection of products – many of which you won’t see anywhere else. We’re always first with new innovations and lead the way on motorising blinds, creating energy-saving blinds and making fabrics from reclaimed plastics from our oceans.

Genuine guarantees

Everyone offers guarantees, but not everyone can offer genuine, manufacturer-backed guarantees. This gives us complete confidence in all our products so that you can have complete peace of mind that your new made-to-measure window blinds, curtains, shutters and awnings will look stunning and work perfectly for years to come.

Expert advice

All of our Apollo Blinds consultants are experts in providing advice on the right blind for any room in any home, based on years of experience and knowing the product ranges inside out. They’ll listen to your needs and help you to find exactly the right light and shade management solution for your home – often with suggestions that many homeowners aren’t aware of.

Installed by craftsmen

The teams that will install your Apollo Blinds are amongst the most skilled craftspeople in the UK at fitting window blinds, curtains, shutters and awnings. As well as relying on years of experience, they regularly attend our training courses to keep their skills honed to perfection.

Your Apollo Blinds

Apollo Blinds is a network of franchisees, and each franchisee has made a significant investment to become part of the team and operate their own Apollo Blinds business. Therefore, all our franchisees have complete vested interests in making sure they deliver excellent customer service and install quality products right first time. This is the foundation on which they have built successful franchises.