Perfect Fit ®

Perfect Fit blinds are a practical, slim-line solution that is ideal for tilt-and-turn windows, doors and bi-fold doors, allowing the blind to open seamlessly with the window or door.

Perfect Fit blinds are screw free, fit with the beading of the glass and provide a sleek option.


All of our Perfect Fit blinds are tensioned, with no trailing cords, making them inherently child safe. We offer a range of frame colours, including white, brown, anthracite, golden oak, mahogany and silver, to ensure that each blind blends perfectly with your windows. The fittings remove the need for drilling or screws and offer a neat, stylish finish.

Perfect Fit blinds provide superb shading, as the blind is fitted directly against the glass, providing maximum shade and light control. They help to retain heat in winter whilst providing shade and protection from solar heat gain in the summer months.

Perfect Fit blinds at a glance

  • Available in Roller, Twilight, Venetian, Duette® and Pleated options in a huge range of fabrics
  • Motorised option available on selected models
  • Matching frames available for all window colours
  • Tensioned for easy operation
  • Easy to remove to clean windows
  • No screws required
  • Magnetic frame option available for unusual bead types where fitting cannot be achieved with window beading
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