Children’s bedrooms and nurseries are one room in the house where you can let your imagination run wild, go bold with pattern and colour and embrace your inner child.

A multifunctional space, when designing or decorating your children’s bedroom, it’s important to consider that they will be using it to sleep, rest and play. So whilst the sky is the limit when it comes to the theme that you choose, you should consider some practical elements too such as keeping the room the right temperature and conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Here are our ideas on window blinds for children’s rooms – from babies to teens.


Blinds are ideal for children’s nurseries as they are easy to operate and can create blackout conditions for daytime naps, whilst letting in maximum light at all other times. They can also help to control room temperature, which is especially important for younger children.

Whether it’s minimalist scandi-chic or a stand-out design – the wide range of colours and patterns available mean that it is easy to choose the perfect blind to enhance your nursery’s interior design.

For the ultimate in temperature control, Duette® Blinds by Apollo Blinds are ideal for nurseries and children’s rooms as the innovative honeycomb design creates a more comfortable temperature, by keeping rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Combined with superb light control features, Duette blinds can create a more restful night’s sleep for children and parents.

Duette® Nursery Blinds in Pale Blue
Duette® Nursery Blinds in Natural

Our BlocOut™ blinds (particularly BlocOut™ XL and 40) can achieve higher levels of darkness than ever before. They combine a superior quality blackout fabric with a frame (precision engineered side rails and a bottom bar) that the blinds slot into, ensuring the window is fully covered with nowhere for the light to enter. There is also a cordless option, making them a stylish – and safe – option for kids’ rooms.

BlocOut™ Nursery Blind in Kute Koala

Better sleep

The NHS recommends that children between the ages of four and 12 should be sleeping somewhere between nine and 11.5 hours per night for optimum health and wellbeing. They also state that children’s bedrooms should be dark, quiet and between 18 -24 degrees in temperature for a perfect sleep environment. If your child’s room is particularly light in the mornings or they are struggling to get to sleep at night, then a blackout blind could prove the perfect solution. Available in a huge range of colour and fabric options, roller blinds with blackout are a great practical and cost-effective option for children’s bedrooms and nurseries.

Apollo Solare Blackout Blinds in Pepper Green
You Choose Roller Blind in Customer’s Own Fabric

A place for child’s play

Blinds can inject a great deal of fun and personality into a children’s bedroom – adding an extra pop of colour and pulling together a design scheme. Don’t be afraid to go bold and bright in a younger children’s bedroom – to enhance the sense of fun and adventure that they love at this age. Fun features such as glow blinds which come alive at night are also really popular and add an extra dimension to the room. For older children, bold colours are still in demand but think darker, more grown-up shades.

Duette® Blinds in Gold
Duette® Blinds in Lime Green
Duette® Blinds in Electric Blue and Green
Duette® Blinds in Bright Blue
Perfect Night Glow Blinds in Beige

And a place to chill

For older children it’s often a good idea to keep blinds quite neutral or plain so that they can begin to add their own design elements and accessories into their personal haven – teens tend to spend lots of time in their rooms so being able to put their own personality into the space is key.

BlocOut™ Blind in Pale Blue
Duette® Blinds in Pale Grey

Five Reasons to Choose Duette® Shades by Apollo Blinds for Children’s Rooms:

1. Heat Retention (and reflection) – Duette® blinds are proven to retain 46% more heat inside a room (as well as keeping out as much as 78% of the sun’s warmth).

2. Overheating – and regulating body temperature – is something every new parent is cautious about.  Duette® Shades are the best blinds available for creating a more comfortable climate in a room throughout the year.

3. Blackout options – Light control is important in children’s rooms especially in the summer when the lighter evenings can disturb established sleep patterns. With an array of colours and transparency options through room darkening (blackout), semi-sheer and transparent, as well as their added climate control benefits, Duette® Shades offer brilliant light control. There is also a ‘top-down, bottom-up’ option when fitted with the LiteRise® operating system for extra privacy and light control.

4. Child Safe
– Duette® blinds by Apollo Blinds are fitted with child safe operation. There is a choice of child safe operating systems including; Cordless LiteRise® lets you raise or lower your blind with a touch of a finger and the blind stays right where you put it – no dangling cords.  Or choose the ultimate in convenience – PowerView® motorisation that lets you operate your blinds from your smart devise or remote control.

5. They Wipe Clean! – Sticky little fingers? No problem. DuetteÒ Shades have a special fabric coating that also makes them water and humidity resistant, so they can be wiped down as often as you like.

6. Fresh Air – Allowing babies to sleep outside in their pram was once a common practise, one that has diminished in recent years (perhaps through concerns about crime or the weather). Yet the benefits of fresh air for babies and children is well-documented, some experts suggesting it promotes a deeper daytime nap and helps them sleep more soundly at night. Duette® blinds by Apollo Blinds can be fitted directly into a window frame so the blinds sit flush against the pain.  Windows can be opened easily allowing fresh air to circulate without blinds tapping against the window in the breeze or getting tangled.

Book a home design appointment with your local Apollo Blinds to discover which blinds can work best for your children’s bedroom or nursery.